Alabama Thirteen

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I am a disabled, working-class, visual artist from Leeds. Largely self- taught, my practice focuses on my own personal limitations exploring, navigating and negotiating my memories and senses in the spaces I occupy as a disabled woman.


I am interested in how we occupy our bodies, spaces, and places – in who gets to take up the most space and whose voices get to be heard the loudest. Much of my work is underpinned by the notion of non- conforming bodies, in the broadest sense, as an act of defiance, and a desire to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive narrative around disability.


Photographs and the processes of photography are a recurring element in my practice. I use old photos that I have accumulated throughout my life as well as new imagery taken with the camera on my phone. Traditional forms of embroidery also feature heavily in my work, drawing on its rich and subversive history to create layers of narrative and distortion.


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