Alan Brain

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They call me an abstract artist but I am also described as a surrealist and a geometric expressionist. I don’t really want a box, I just paint my way.

My paintings are “visible feelings” along my journey of self-discovery. They express the passions which have moulded me into who I am. It is an exciting and disturbing journey, that’s okay in fact it’s brilliant!

I need to express what I care deeply about so that I can see it for myself, painting is my way to do that, I can’t put it into words. The paintings converse with me as I work, I see my passion unfolding, they reveal more about me than I thought I knew.

Sharing these visible feelings with others is my reward, I love it when someone connects with a piece, it is a spur to do more and more. I use vibrant or muted colour, unusual abstract shapes, anything to say what I want to say, there is no holding back.

Solitude, loneliness and abandonment emerged early in my work inspired by the desert, large empty buildings and deserted places. My love of the natural world, my curiosity about human relationships and the draw of large simple structures have all fuelled my artistic journey. Recently I have been compelled to explore my hatred of war, in particular The Great War and its lasting impact on ordinary people like myself. I have much more to do.

I always abstract and use anything to make my mark. I am never satisfied until the paintings say what I want them to say. Typically I use vibrant colour with strong geometric shapes to create the feeling I want to create but I love to experiment and anything goes as long as it works.