Alex Callaghan

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Alex Callaghan

I am multi-disciplinary artist from Edinburgh, Scotland. I use photography, spoken word, as well as digital and physical collage to highlight social inequalities. I am also a football freestyler which involves merging football skills with dance elements, and I very much treat it as an artform. The analogy I give people when trying to describe it is that it is like a ‘street’ version of gymnastics with a ball, where you use your whole body to choreograph different moves. Whilst I still suffer from PTSD and depression, football freestyle has been essential to my recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, without it, I would not be here writing this.

Whilst the Disability Discrimination Act allowed for disabled people to have employment rights and independent living, it has been inverted by successive governments for ideological purposes. This trajectory has had a devastating impact for many disabled people, which amounts to a breach of human rights. For me, it clearly shows that there is blood on the hands of many politicians and that there is a long way to go before disabled people are treated equitably by the UK Government. The fight goes on

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YouTube: Freeform Football and Bella Freak Arts

Twitter: @acallaghan24