Alexandra Costin at the Edge

28 May – 8 June

This body of work aims to challenge the social norms imposed throughout history on the human sexual identity. The series combines architectural photography with manipulated body imagery in order to stimulate contrasting states in the experience of the viewer through the use of different textures. Elements such as concrete and wire interfere with the softness of the skin, thus the body becomes part of the structure, it is dissolved into a sculptural object. The headless bodies reflect the loss of identity within society. Additionally, the amputation of the head corresponds with the silencing and repression of the individual. Multiplication is used as a symbol of all the sources of knowledge responsible for the formation of gender and sexual identity in society. Strongly anchored in the present, the body of work contrasts stability and movement.

Nevertheless, tradition plays a key conceptual role, leading to a project which implies fluidity through the liberal approach to deconstructing the body, as well as regeneration through the conservative approach to producing apocalyptically industrial imagery. Thus, further questions arise about the opposition between freedom and repression, normality and isolation.

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