Andi Hazelden

Andi Hazelden – Figurative Artist

I studied my degree at Winchester. This led to a 27 year career teaching in Portsmouth. During this time I continued to maintain my interest in art through commissioned mural work and leading art projects in schools and working with local artist.

In 2019 I made a decision to focus on my own art work. I became an artist in residence across two schools, devoting one day a week to developing my own artwork. I have exhibited work as part as Roy’s Art Fair, Barge house, London 2021 and participated in local craft fairs.

My figurative work on maps reflects my continued interest in human biology and anatomy.

The human figure, especially the female form, is central to my work. My work reflects and celebrates the bodies of real women.

Figurative rhythms of the environment have inspired me to use maps in my more recent work. The maps I work on capture memories of places of significance in my life.

As I work, a figure emerges from the natural and human elements in the maps: contours of the hills and the roads and streets. The network of Roads Rivers and streets create a vascular system of the body.’

 Life experiences have had an effect on my approach to my work. Much of the colour in my work is influenced by the colours and forms of the Portsmouth coast where I live, and the Devon landscape where I grew up. I have always had a particular fascination in weathered; organic and man-made objects. I capture these elements by using mixed media: inks acrylics, collage and compressed charcoal.

Recently my work has taken a different path. I have been fascinated by the beauty and spiritual element of feathers. How feathers and Angels can be a form of comfort for many facing the pain and grief and the deep sorrow of loss or just helping individuals cope with the challenges of life. This has led me to paint my green, gold and white ‘feather and Angel wings’ series. The feathers are collected from the swans at my local sea front park in Southsea.