Angela Charles

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Angela Charles

Since graduating from Goldsmiths in 1989, Angela Charles has combined her career as an award winning Curator with that of a visual artist. From regular shows in St Ives to commissions for a high profile exhibition in Milan, Angela has achieved commercial success with her paintings drawn from her memories of place.

And yet, unbeknown to purchasers of her work and the galleries that represented her, for the last ten years Angela has been losing her sight. After a dramatic deterioration over the last three years she is now registered Blind, with a condition originally diagnosed as Retinitis Pigmentosa, now referred to as Retinal Dystrophy.

Having come to terms with her sightloss Angela’s paintings have evolved through necessity and through new found confidence to embrace the changes in her vision.

Angela’s paintings reflect the way she now sees the world; frantic mark making and areas of calm combine with tones of black & white. However, bursts of colour often puncture the otherwise sombre palette.

instagram: @angela_charles_paints