Anita Roye

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My art practice consists of painting, sculpture, photography, and print. My paintings result from observations and experiences in the landscape. I am interested in light, shadows, structure, and energy of the world around us.

The use of an intuitive playful process underpins my work. I like to use paint to respond emotionally to landscape, this captures a sense of place rather than an exact replication. Oil paint has a materiality and sensual quality that I use to playfully explore mark making on the canvas surface.

My work also investigates the threshold that exists between our internal and external environment. I am not looking for one truth in my artwork but use my personal experiences to construct layers of meaning. Life is a continuum; themes re-emerge as if to revisit an area that needs a deeper exploration than previously expressed.

My fascination with the psychology of space however suggests a deeper meaning that does not rely solely on process. A sense of ambiguity enables a great deal of scope for subjective interpretation.

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