Anna Chalk

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Anna has always enjoyed being creative. After studying film and TV design, she went to work in television and computer games as a 3d artist earning two Emmy nominations and an Emmy for her work.

Anna now works in Project Management. Her interest in photography develops as she experiments with different genres, she is heavily influenced by pop culture, especially film. She wouldn’t say she has one style, but prefers to stylise her images around the subject she is capturing and recreate how she felt at the time of the capture.

Anna has been given the opportunity to work with several local organisations, which led to an occasion of shooting Darth Vadar on the flight deck and Spider-Man on the bridge of HMS Queen Elizabeth, as well as fitness and cross-fit competitions.

She would describe her Instagram as an eclectic mix of experimentation and things that interest her. She likes to use a range of processing tools with which she is fairly confident but likes to push herself through discovering and learning new techniques.


Find Anna on Instagram @_annachalk