Anne Shaw

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‘You are either too much in or out of the world’ – overheard on Radio 4.

Anne Shaw was one of four British Artists who was selected to show in the ‘Salon d’Automne’ to celebrate the year 2000.

The disconnect of personal and political reflected in the paintings suggesting confrontation, a questioning of situation. Images of private experience, humanitarian issues can resonate in the mind. They became embodied in the mark-making. The scraping back, layering of pigment, encaustic wax, charcoal, dust is visceral. 

Anne Shaw’s work can be found in three different categories.  There are the large and bold paintings, the many different heads, and the oil pastels.

When I came to Portsmouth for my degree I was fascinated by the sea.  I saw how light reflects form. I wanted to be able to grasp something of the energy of the instability of what I was seeing. This resulted in a series of oil pastels. At the same time I was working in the studio on a series of heads, mostly children. My studio is quite dark, which is reflected in the slower mark-making, feeling for the image. These more subjective images reveal the vulnerability of a child. 

I have work in the following public collections: 
Arts Council England South East, City Arts Office Portsmouth City Council, Leeds Education Authority, Portsmouth City Museums & Records Office and Mayoral Offices Caen France.