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Liam Godfrey

Works About Works Liam Godfrey 01 Price: Liam Godfrey 02 Liam Godfrey 03 About Statement I am an artist based in Portsmouth, UK. I specialize in representational oil paintings and drawings of the human form as well as the objects of nature. I graduated with a BA Honours in Illustration from Falmouth University before moving […]

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Kristin Rawcliffe

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work.  Statement “If a picture paints a thousand words, Kristin paints a novel.” I am predominantly a portrait and figurative artist working in oils and am compelled to tell peoples’ stories though paint. I want my paintings to be more than photographic representations, I want the

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Jane Walker

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work. Statement I am currently creating 2-D compositions with white lines. The white lines are on the surface of older paintings. The lines in white form a unity, they work together this cuts them off from the earlier painting below. By working over the paintings underneath

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Carrie Swinburne

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work.  Statement  I am mainly self taught working in an intuitive way with collage, acrylic paints and mediums to form unique pictures on wood, canvas and paper. I often work on repurposed photographic canvas which gives a solid base, laying down layers of papers and fabrics

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Freya Purdue at the Edge

Dates 8 – 19 October Freya has won many awards and scholarships including a BA Hons Painting at St Martins School of Art, and MA Painting from Chelsea School of Art, the Junior Fellowship Cardiff S.G.I.H.E. She has also been the recipient of the Digswell Arts Fellowship and the Boise and Villers David Travelling Fellowships. 

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Marius von Brasch Liminal

Dates 22 October to 2 November Marius has a PhD in Fine Art and was awarded the Abbey Fellowship in Painting at the British School in Rome.  He exhibits nationally and internationally and his work is in collections in the UK and abroad.  He teaches experiential approaches to painting and works from his studio in

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Chris May

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work.  Statement  I have been painting for over 30 years and I feel that now, after all these years, I am finally getting the hang of it. I am a figure and landscape painter working in oils and acrylics. I exhibit regularly in London and various

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Penny Singleton

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work.  Statement  For the past thirty years Penny Singleton has been using paper as a material to define the human form.  Her work serves to capture the subtle and the expressive, taking inspiration from Art History her work references Sculptors from early Renaissance through to the

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Cathy Kirby

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work.  Statement  My background is in 3D design, which I studied at Portsmouth College of Art and Design in the 1980s. I retrained in the 90s and have spent the last 20 years working in the NHS. During that time I have continued to explore a

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September Open Show 2019

24 September – 28 September Yellow Edge Gallery is holding the first of its Open Shows in which a selection of its Associate members are taking part. There will be a broad range of contemporary work on display, including, painting, printing, sculpture, textiles and graphics. The artists taking part are: Kristy Fleury, Michael Wright, Gary

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