Brodnax Moore

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I live in Gosport having returned in 2007 to the town I grew up in. My work demonstrates a lifelong journey developed through cartooning, photography, film-making, mail art and especially painting. It has been inspired by the British, European and American art movements of the 20c to the present day. In the mid-seventies with the IOU theatre company I helped to pioneer new performance modes before opening a studio in Hebden Bridge. I held two exhibitions at that time, contributed to group shows, and my films Towers and Car-Zoo were shown in London and Athens, Ohio. A comic strip Winx appeared in Artists Newsletter monthly through 1982-83. Since then my output has continued more or less seamlessly while earning a living and raising a family in Leeds and France. Most recently I have been painting in acrylics and producing unique collage books. My paintings generally have an abstract appearance, with juxtapositions of colour, numbers and letters in geometrical arrays like the magic numbers triptych.