Cara MacWilliam

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Cara MacWilliam

I’m a self-taught, disabled artist. My practice involves travelling into surreal landscapes and mythologies using watercolour, dip pens, textiles or clay. Each material adds a different dimension. There is a lot of whimsical animism in my work created by the ink layers I add to the watercolours. These stories only come through once the piece is finished and I spend some time looking, and watch it all unfold. My process with the watercolours is rapid as is the ink laid on top. My pen dances in all directions adding the tiny ink marks. Art allows me to travel in ways I no longer can due to being mainly housebound. There is flow and energy and movement, everything my disability has taken away. These microcosms represent how small everything has become since falling ill and yet gives me so much expanse to fall into. I love to explore and disappearing into these worlds for a few hours brings me deep well-being and that is my motivation, the end results are a joyous by-product.

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