Carrie Swinburne

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work. 


I am mainly self taught working in an intuitive way with collage, acrylic paints and mediums to form unique pictures on wood, canvas and paper. I often work on repurposed photographic canvas which gives a solid base, laying down layers of papers and fabrics from a variety sources including those I create myself.
Layers are mixed with gesso and acrylic mediums with pen, acrylic paint, pastels, pencil and inks. And so the work changes and develops revealing the colours and images below.
I have a love of folk songs and often incorporate lyrics and poetry into my art which always bursting with colour, often whimsical and I hope lightens the spirits.
I hold regular collage workshops at Fire Monkey Arts in Hotwalls Old Portsmouth and you can usually find me there on a Tuesday.