Cathy Kirby

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My background is in 3D design, which I studied at Portsmouth College of Art and Design in the 1980s. I retrained in the 90s and have spent the last 20 years working in the NHS. During that time I have continued to explore a variety of visual media, most recently completing a printmaking foundation year at Red Hot Press in Southampton.

I live and work in Southsea, where I find plenty of inspiration for printmaking and painting. Views of wind battered trees and rusty tankers can be both dramatic and decorative and, when reduced down to small-scale etchings, become detailed studies of line and tone. Rapidly changing light and weather fronts, features of living by the seaside, push clouds and shadows around which I love and try to capture in some of my images. I’m equally motivated by more domestic details though, like a jolly, chipped plate or a colourful house plant, which seem to lend themselves more to relief printing. I don’t fight the urge to work figuratively and I continue to find the every-day both pleasing and stimulating. I produce limited edition linocuts, drypoint and etched prints and occasionally work in oils.