Chloe Davies

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Chloe combines the intense visuality of oil paint and vascularity of her subject to produce conversational pieces that heightens the immersive experience between the painting and the viewer. She intends to provoke thought about the impact media and society have on what it is like to be a woman and to be identified as and with a women’s body.

Her current art practice is about relationships – between the physical body and internal thought. The relationship between the hapticity of paint application and the subject of the female form, and the relationship between herself, the author of the art presented, and the audience.

Being a contemporary female artist Davies is interested in the female body as subject and owner, as both a lived reality and a link to the issues imposed on the sense of body image by societal constructs. To create her practice Davies involved the women she knows and interacts with every day to create complex composites, which combines a number of corporal bodies to form one. Her unique hybrid bodies are created to form a togetherness suggesting that each part adds up to form a whole body. Davies wants to suggest that whilst we should celebrate the unique characteristics of each body and the individual aspects of our different experiences, we should also highlight our collect connection.
Instagram: chloedavies.fineart