Chris Baylis

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Producing accessible art that brightens walls and the days of those who pass it. Working mainly in acrylics, Chris creates compositions that capture the beauty of the world and its wild inhabitants, whether that be far flung locations from the artist’s travels or the surroundings of his Gosport home on the south coast of England. Chris likes to create vibrant pieces through a combination of contrasting colours that captures the light and movement of the subject.  


Chris tentatively picked up a paintbrush in 2018 and quickly caught the creative bug over the next year. After sharing some early creations of this private hobby, requests to buy pieces from friends and colleagues started to follow. This provided the confidence to spend more time improving, experimenting and ultimately sharing the artwork. A number of commissions have since followed. In 2020 Chris took part in each of the Portsmouth Creates markets to gauge a wider reaction which was a positive experience. In the Spring of 2021 he attended the Gosport Gallery creative market and was also at the Groundlings Theatre in August.