Chris Jenkins

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Chris Jenkins

I love the versatility and creative possibilities of wool. Having learnt to wet felt a few years ago, I have developed my skills, focussing mainly on making pictures and felted jewellery. In addition I have taught myself to needle felt, using the needle as a sculpting tool to allow detailed work in two and three dimensions.

My pictures are made from merino wool tops, layered like watercolour paints and then felted together using soap, water, rubbing and rolling. Once dry, the pictures are embellished using a range of fibres including silk, bamboo and curly wool locks to provide fine detail. I focus particularly on the use of colour and texture in my work.


I learnt to fuse glass while working with silver clay and became fascinated by the possibilities. I prefer to work on a small scale, creating dichroic glass jewellery and seasonal decorations. Opening the kiln door after fusing continues to excite as I’m never quite sure what alchemy will have occurred!