Clarke Reynolds

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I’m registered severely sighted with a condition called retinas pigmentosa but I’m also a visual artist. I’ve done art all my life and I’m not going to stop because I’m losing my sight I’ve used my creative practice in helping me deal with the condition.
I try to create art for the visually impaired in mind using a soundscape to inspire a tactile work so that visually impaired people can see visual art threw sound and touch. I use textiles that have an emotional response to the sound that links in with the multi sensory piece my hope is to get visually impaired people of all ages to engage in art no matter there sight loss and also people with sight too look at my work without actually seeing the work so they can experience how I see the world.
I’m a local lad my dad was in the navy so I’ve lived in Gosport and Portsmouth.
I’m an Aspex associate member, Arts Space Portsmouth member and and outside in member who are a disability arts organisation based in Chichester.
I’m currently doing an amazing project for Portsmouth festivities called Eye sea squares 20-20. It’s all about creating art from sound plus education people on sight loss. When I go to my local schools to do the project I talk about sight loss and why we are creating this work. I’ve also been working with learning disability groups  on this project at MAKE in Fratton and Highbury college in Arundel street. Also been working with the Portsmouth blind association and the group sense contacted me to be part of the project. My aim is too work with this connections I’ve made creating artwork that is multi sensory.
I’m an emerging artist I have also submitted an arts council grant for an exhibition in Brighton were I take a famous painting and bring it to life through sound and touch.