Claudine Mitaty

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 Claudine Mitaty MA RCA


Royal College of Art London: MA Tapestry 1978

Ecole National D Art Decoratif D’Aubusson – Tapestry 1975

Beaux Arts Tours, France 1974

My figurative work covers many fields and has been influenced, by forests, wild gardens and nature from where grew up, to the ocean, life drawing and dance…

Recently dance: capturing body movement, the drama and emotions expressed in paintings and drawings through swift observation of the movements is essential to the true feeling. This relates to the dynamic volume space the dancer creates through the body language. This is also a source of inspiration for abstract paintings.

My approach is the same in my water colours of flowers and nature, by observing and translating the sensation. As BAUDELAIRE expressed so well of Delacroix (The Work and Life of Delacroix).

Pour parler exactement, il n’y a pas dans la nature ni ligne ni couleur. C’est l’homme qui crée la ligne et la couleur. Ce sont deux abstractions qui tirent leur égale noblesse d’une même origine.

“To be precise, there is neither line nor colour in nature. It is man who creates the line and the colour. They are two abstractions that derive their equal nobility from the same origin”.