Download your own hand-drawn map!

Associate Artist Ailsa Brims has made us a hand-drawn map in order to find your way from Portsmouth to Yellow Edge 🙂 

So if you are stuck at The Hard wondering where to go – down load this FREE map and follow the dotted line.  It really is ‘shorter by water’. 

The map is not to scale, and does not show everything on the way, but if you have a vague sense of direction, it should get you to the gallery!

The gallery is less than a mile from the ferry. 

Download your free hand-drawn map by clicking on the PDF icon.  

The map is ©Ailsa Brims 2019.  You are welcome to print it and use it to navigate your way to the gallery, however it may not be reproduced for commercial purposes. 

A colour version will be on sale at the gallery shortly.