Coral Denham-Dorrington

I am a young artist and have lived all my life in the Portsmouth area. I’m the youngest in a close-knit family and growing up I found it quite difficult to find my voice. I’ve always sketched and doodled. Like most young people I’m working through issues of identity, and I’ve always found solace in my art. Lock down was very interesting for me in as much as I found it a very peaceful and reflective time to think and gather my thoughts as well as work on my art. I know that this has been for many young people a very difficult and sometimes traumatic time and I feel privileged and sometimes almost guilty that I have my art to rely on. Obviously, I’m in the beginning of my art journey, I currently mainly work in acrylic on canvas, but I am now experimenting with other mediums. A lot of my work portrays the naked female form which I see as my way of exploring and celebrating who I am. This is the first time I’ve ever had any of my work seen outside of my family let alone exhibited and I’m extremely grateful to the yellow edge gallery for allowing me this opportunity, I just hope that people will like my work.