David Jones

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David Jones is a disabled artist formerly with, Creative Futures, then onto OUTSIDE In’s. 

I got my O’level in art & didn’t start painting until I was in an institution.  Getting back into it my art, has been a therapeutic process as well as a confidence booster. I use all mediums depending on my project or piece.  I enjoy using oil pastels & the blending process with this medium.

I started CUT/ PASTE from scratch, using landscape canvases from charity shops & creating a whole new piece of work thru cut. Also furthering my interests in oils & finding new ways of using that medium. Considering I’ve only been painting since 2003 I’ve managed to paint a portrait of punk persona Jonny Rotten on silver birch bark, natarul paper. Ive also created a collage out of scraps of bark to create another piece.

I am inspired by GOYA/DALI./BRUNEL/MARIA RIVANS /PETER CLARKE /The pre Raphaelites, local artists to researching other artists online & word of mouth.  I am involved in the access advisory board at the Pavilion museum in Brighton & Hove. Another outlet to use the museums for sketching tasks etc. just hope that we don’t go overboard with Online Activities, Yes I agree its a solution. yet not the same as coming together as a group of artists. We need these places to grow.& continue.

Im 56 Disabled yet can still create work with a lot of planning around my area & Space, One thing I’m lacking space. Yet where’s there’s a will there’s way. So after 2 decades  of painting sketching & attending Zoom workshops & being trained to run a workshop/on top of all the other activities I get involved in, on the whole its given me a new lease of life.  In terms of producing good quality pieces of Art /collage/ & textured painting I have been an ambassador now since 2011 & will continue to support these collectives as they support myself. Thank you.