Eleanor Taulbut

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Looking back at my Textiles GCSE, making pillows and blankets, I never really thought of myself becoming a fashion designer and creating my own brand as a clothing designer.


I am Eleanor and I am the create and owner of ‘Dorothy Rose’. I have sown and sketched since I was a little girl.  I have always had an imaginative mind and lucky that I have been raised by a creative family who have supported my passion as a creative. I have named my brand Dorothy Rose after my great Nan as she has been a huge influence in my life and my Grandad Roger who was an artist.  

I completed my studies Fashion and Design at Highbury College and have had nine years working for the theatrical productions as internship assistant, volunteering and  work experience with top designers Wendy Benstead, Francis Campbell and Naomi Gibbs. Working behind the scenes as a wardrobe and costume assistant. I have even made and designed for Hairspray and Cinderella  productions at Titchfield Theatre and Groundlings theatre.