Emma Oliver

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Originally from North Devon, Emma moved to the Portsmouth and Gosport area when she was in the Royal Navy. Emma fell in love with the area and stayed after leaving the Forces.

Emma’s day job is as a graphic designer for a large infrastructure company and her leisure pursuits tend to be creative too. As well as photography she enjoys drawing, painting and singing.

Emma took up photography six years ago and doesn’t like to limit herself to any genre. She loves to capture the beauty of her local region, but also enjoys travel and architecture, but is at her happiest while capturing shots of people at festivals. Her husband Olly is her muse and they enjoy planning quirky themed shoots, often with a light-hearted or tongue-in-cheek approach.

Editing of images in Lightroom is an important part of Emma’s creative process and she loves being able to ‘develop’ her images digitally without spending hours in a dark room.

You can see more of Emma’s images on Instagram @pompey_photo_bunny