Esmae Dougherty-Price

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My practice is predominately crafts-based, using ceramics and the employment of mediums such as textiles to recognise the debates surrounding craft’s relationship to contemporary art, the medium’s marginality and using it to emphasise: ‘craft’s potential for liberating self- expression’. The incorporation of these mediums and processes within my practice, often identified as ‘women’s work’ allow me to explore my curiosity surrounding gender, the body, and present unique views of contemporary society through art to a wider audience.

My artwork has continuously evolved throughout my BA (Hons) Fine Art studies, culminating in the exploration of feminist themes, questioning what it means to be a feminist artist and experimenting with feminist artistic strategies to inspire my making process.

Other themes and topics explore in my artworks include the domestic space, the uncanny, modern-fairy tales, bodily functions and gender-based violence.

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