Evie Redwood

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Evie Redwood makes sound works, performance and prints that explore the ideas of hidden labour, equality and accessibility. Working with individuals to make artworks that amplify the importance of their labour in their workplace and workers like them in institutional and organisational structures more widely.

Her practice is built upon extensive research into current and historical working conditions within the UK, and interviews about labour and working practices. Her most recent work Key Staff consists of nine sound broadcasts and accompanying mono prints. The broadcasts are edited montages of audio recordings of labour carried out by outsourced cleaners and security guards at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB).

During her time at University Evie set up a reading group ‘The Dolphin Collective’ that explores theories and policies of inclusion and access within the arts through reading and discussion. It has evolved into ongoing programme, receiving graduate funding, and involving students, graduates and staff from AUB. In 2019 she was a recipient of a British Council fellowship in Venice, gaining experience working at the Venice Biennial and developing and exhibiting her work ‘105 Hours’.