Freya Purdue at the Edge

Dates 8 - 19 October

Freya has won many awards and scholarships including a BA Hons Painting at St Martins School of Art, and MA Painting from Chelsea School of Art, the Junior Fellowship Cardiff S.G.I.H.E.

She has also been the recipient of the Digswell Arts Fellowship and the Boise and Villers David Travelling Fellowships.  She has exhibited nationally and internationally including with

  • Gimple Fils Gallery, London,
  • Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge,
  • Vimonisha Gallery, Madrass,
  • LTG New Deli,
  • Galeria Stara BWA, Lubin, Poland, and
  • Christies, London.

Her work is held in many collections across the world. 

My paintings inhabit the border between abstraction and figuration and have their basis in exploration through seeing, experience, research and engagement with the tactility of the process of painting.  I draw on a wide range of sources from the most obvious classical themes in painting to the subtlety of philosophical and mystical thought. 

In making paintings I am absorbed in the discovery of an energised sense of connection and consciousness both between people, historical traditions and borders of perception from whence things emerge out of creative potentiality into a new expression of existence. 

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