Gareth Woodford

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I started Photography from a young age, living in supported housing, I was guided to different career paths from Media to Performing Arts, and Photography, and this was my main focus. Since then, I have enjoyed capturing moments, and  memories for myself, and other people to relate and inspire.

I have always been passionate about Photography for as long as I can remember. I used to capture the beauty of the sun sets to the magnificent hills where I would occasionally visit, to explore what I have not seen before, and to capture life, and memories behind the screen.

In my previous art practise I have captured wonderful moments such as Nature, Landscapes, and Sculpture. I like to create and reimagine new art in which the public can see the imaginative creativeness which I can create.

Since technology has grown, smart phones have adapted to capture the most incredible detail from the tiny lines in a petal, the little hairs of a Bee, to the Landscapes of Devon and many more, to expose the world with new technology AI (Artificial Intelligence)