Gill Newton

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In pursuit of an inner preoccupation I explore and respond to places instinctively. I notice and gather organic or mundane objects and discarded materials on the way; leaf, branch, plant root,pallet wood, postcard or used teabag—each chosen for their accessibility and tactile qualities and kept as a visual note to capture a moment or mark an experience.

These objects and materials are combined by hand intuitively—touch, chance, balance and play are crucial to my process.With low-tech methods they often become impermanent drawings and sculptural assemblages; drawings are overdrawn, erased or layered and assemblages are taken apart and re configured into new works.

I have made collaborative works with Zita Saffrette as part of Drawing Connections—a group of 20+ artists who collaborate through drawing and together we have also co curated joint exhibitions of our individual works.

A former jeweller I set aside designing and making in 2008 to explore the motivations behind my craft practice and gained my MA Fine Art in 2012. I now concentrate on my art practice and have exhibited across London and the South of England.