Graeme Farragher

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work. 


From an early age I always enjoyed drawing and craft activities but never ventured much further with this interest and ability. Over the years, work, family and other life experiences took precedence over a constant yearning to develop any artistic dreams. Then a few years ago, having worked in various parts of the printing industry for 25 years I took the plunge and decided to pursue my lifelong dream of being a professional artist! At first I joined a local art group which fostered my interest and enthusiasm for drawing and painting once again.
This developed rapidly into a love for colour, texture and a natural feel for paint that flowed onto the canvas, quite often late at night with music and wine flowing. I feel that my paintings reflect the passion that I have, enabling me to produce art with a strong mood and vibrancy.

Most of my pieces are created with palette knives or just one large brush keeping it loose and full of energy. Some of my recent pieces have been finished with a high gloss resin and some with the addition of glitter too. 

My art will always be evolving, as I keep a completely open mind about trying new ideas and materials.


I have had lots of commissions over the years, the furthest ones have flown to Australia.  

Being lucky enough to run and exhibit at That Gallery in Basingstoke for the past few years has made my enjoyment and zest for art even stronger! Located on the upper level of Festival Place Basingstoke.