Gullu Kandrou

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Gullu Kandrou is a disabled, neurodivergent, BIPOC, second-generation immigrant, womxn artist.


Her current work deals with trauma, betrayal, memory and the everyday which are regular themes in her work whether she is dealing with disability, the body or relationships.


She explores mediums such as collage, photography, painting and mixed media. She currently focuses on found photographs modifying them by using different tactile techniques to give them a sensory quality, bringing flat 2D photos into sculptural 3D life.


Influences in her work include Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer and Sophie Calle. She especially loves Bourgeois’ use of red, enjoying her exploration of emotion, the body and sexuality, as they are themes she seeks to explore in her own work. Holzer’s truisms find a place in her pieces, as Gullu explores text, words and their place in her work; whilst Sophie Calle’s work has moved her to work on the deeply personal – specifically her “Take Care of Yourself” book.


You can find the artist at @gullukandrouart on Facebook and Instagram and where she sells prints of her work. More work is coming soon so follow to keep up to date!