Ian Withall

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Ian Withall


I am a self-taught artist who has re-discovered a love of painting after a 30 year break and have been regularly painting again since 2017.


I was taught art at school to A Level but have received no formal training. I picked up my brushes again following a visit to Cornwall after being inspired by the art that I saw and that my wife wanted to buy a painting of a cow. I said to her “I will paint you one” and the rest is history…


The majority of my art is with acrylic paints. I do not stick to a single style and my work has varied from high detail, pop art to a looser style including knife painting.


I have an eye for design and my professional work life has allowed me to use graphics and CAD software. Alongside art, I am a fairly keen gardener and have previously entered and won Gosport in Bloom.


I hope that my examples here provide you with an insight to my work. As with all other artist, my style and subjects I paint is constantly evolving and I do not know where my journey in art will take me!