Ingrid Kerma

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About the artist

Born in Eberswalde, near Berlin, German and trained at Reading University where she gained a first class degree.  She did her MA at Goldsmith’s College, London and has taught at Central St Martin’s, Falmouth School of Arts and Reading University.

Ingrid is a founder member of Chisenhale Studios and Gallery, a Member of Artist Association EndMoraine E.V artists from Berlin and Brandenburg.

She has exhibited throughout the UK and Europe.  Her work is widely recognised and is in national and international collections.  Ingrid has studios in London and Berlin.

Artist Statement

My work is abstract and non-compositional and concerns the basic elements of painting, matter, colour, light and space.  It combines the principles of reduction and simplification with colour defining the space and the relationship.

I am concerned with the materiality of paint, mixing, layering and scraping back, confining, repeating and exploring the manifold interactions of colour, line and form.   The sense of space and the free movement of paint on the surface are important to me and the tension between these two elements give the paintings a firm framework.