Jackie Bennett

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Through the act of weaving, I explore the dialogue between my subconscious and the haptic. I aim to capture the essence of a thought or feeling as a physical, textural expression. Recurrent themes incorporate observations of local Sussex landscapes and townscapes, experiences of traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and chi gong and the history of mental health. My work is also inspired by the fibre artists of the seventies with pioneers including Tadek Beutlich.

The tapestry weaving process takes a lot of time, allowing for attention to the surface. Weaving is also a three-dimensional process, at the same time as working on the surface design, you are constructing the fabric and it can become sculptural. I like to experiment with my weaving, sometimes leaving it to chance as to how it will come together. The sculptural works are woven in sections that are later constructed by pulling the warp to contort the forms and stitching them together. I also use knotting and embroidery in my work.

I weave with plant fibres: cotton, hemp, linen, jute and paper, as well as wool, silk and synthetics. The choice depends on the textural effects that I wish use to bring about a connection and emotional resonance.




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