Jacky Dillon

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Jacky  is a Photographer with an interest in text and image used to explore recollections of a collective past.  In Alice multiple layers bring into question the authenticity of the photographic image, accentuating the dream-like quality, whilst Pool of Tears inverts perceptions of reality.  These are responses to the classic literary work of Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), published over a century ago, but still loved today.

Jacky is currently working on the England Remembered Book a collection of verse by the soldier poets of the great war and responses by modern day writers.  This artists book, designed by Natalie Dowse, blends photography and text in a seamless flow united by the distinctive animation lines created by Helen June Crumpholt. Photographs are published with kind permission of the National Trust and West Dean Gardens. This project is supported by the University of Portsmouth. 

Jacky has a BA (Hons) in Photography (2002) and an MA in Art, Design & Media (2008) from the University of Portsmouth where she works as Centre Manager of the CEI (Centre for Enzyme Innovation).  She has a Studio at Art Space Portsmouth and has been a member of the Group since 2008.