James Osborne

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Having graduated from BA Drawing at Falmouth University in 2019, I have been living and working in Southampton as creative practitioner/ visual artist and have since undertaken a variety of artist residencies. Most notably, I have worked at Dumfries House through the Royal Drawing School and Tresco, Isles of Scilly.


My artistic practice is one which is heavily influenced by the landscape often depicting spatial scenes from along coast. To me the landscape exists as a place which offers us the time and space to think and consider ourselves in relation to the world at a slower pace. As such my creative process has developed as a collaboration between media and between myself and my environment; taking photos and gestural and observational sketches as a way of recording moments, atmospheres and narratives and natural rhythms, which can be later translated and explored in larger drawings and oil paintings back in the studio. It is through this process of combining memory and the tactility of materials that my work aims to embody a sense of place and my personal understanding of the natural world around me.

Email: osborne.jim97@gmail.com