Janet Aughey

I have lived near the sea all my life and this has been a big influence in my work. I also grew up near fields and farms and so love a rusty building or two!! The textures of rocks, rust and the movement of the sea are always inspiring.

My paintings are mainly watercolour but I am increasingly interested in collage, acrylics and printing materials to create realistic but interpretive pieces.

I am also inspired by an industrial landscape on the edge of nature which is often reflected in my work and, when combined with derelict buildings, I can’t help but wonder who had been there and what had they seen and done?

To recreate these scenes sometimes I use pure, clean, crisp watercolour but at other times I select papers / ink / printing materials to develop the sense of age and dereliction I find most appealing. I feel the contrasting media echo the friction between nature and industry.