Jazmine Saunders

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After years of exploring and gaining skills in different career fields such as retail, working as a domiciliary carer, end of life care, to working with children in SEN education as a teaching assistant, it has given me a prospective on what life can mean to different people.

A versatile artist specialising in a mixed ranged of media I have been a practising artist for over 20 years and have had 5 years of academic study in fine art, I work on commission to create bespoke paintings with a personal meaning for the individual as well as making art with symbolic meaning based around the theme of intertwining humans with nature.

As humans we have lost the ability to connect naturally to the spiritual sense of self, instead connecting and communicating through a series of unnatural man-made forces.

My work is created through a process-led approach and makes references to feminism and empowerment, as a female painter and sculptor my field of study is body casting and in welding and how it can be used as a tool to create different textures.

Through mindful practices I have found that even through the hardest of emotional situations, mediation and self-care is hugely important to aid in creating and leading a quality of life. We plug in to charge our phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, the list goes on: Forgetting to recharge ourselves!

Through meditation and mindfulness, we can ground ourselves in reconnecting spiritually to each other and nature.

Email: saunders.jazmine@gmail.com Instagram: jazmine_saunders_art