Jenny Kennish

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I was born in Surrey and trained as a primary school teacher.  I always enjoyed painting, drawing and studying wild life, but I was often frustrated with my artistic results.  Then I discovered porcelain and my world opened up to this wonderful, delicate medium.  Inspired by the natural world I created wild flowers and animals in clay, fired them, painted them and fired them again.

With the advent of mass produced resin sculptures my art world changed and I returned to my brushes and pencils.  Modern, wax based coloured pencils never fail to inspire and I returned to teaching again,  teaching adults and later teenagers with various social problems, helping them to discover their own artistic self belief.  This experience gave me some of the most rewarding teaching days of my career.

I now work in all mediums and subjects and my greatest inspirations come from wild life and the colours and textures of fur and feather.