Jessica Shaw

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work. 


I am an artist working in the South of England near the sea.  I grew up surrounded by fields but it was only a twelve minute drive to the coast.  My subject matters are based on the visual and are trying to capture the feeling of awe that only a child can feel when faced with the sea on a hot day or the woods in a thunderstorm.

My work is mainly in acrylic as I find the possibilities are endless and exciting within this medium, whilst using the glue qualities to incorporate thin papers when I feel they are necessary.   To be honest, I am influenced by anything that catches my eye whether it be an old record cover or a famous painting, both will have a significant effect if they inspire me at the time.

 My style seems to be a naive type of surrealism, which suits my creative path.  This quote by Winston S Churchill in his painting for a pastime sums up art for me:

‘Happy are the painters for they shall not be lonely.   Light and colour, peace and hope will keep them company to the end – or almost to the end of the day’.

 I am  Lucky enough to work full-time as an artist and teacher.   I owe a great deal to students and family who support and those who love art enough to buy it.