Karen Dodd

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Karen Dodd

My work is predominately concerned with the natural world, I return continually to found objects such as shells, bones, roots, nests and seed pods. They all have a strong pull for me and resonate deep within my personal art process.

I use a wide range of materials that include textiles, printmaking and collage. Recent work has involved large scale drawings and woven, bound and stitched

textile forms; all motivated by my intention to bring out what is beyond the surface, responding to the challenge of communicating my preoccupations integral to the human condition. Much of this recent work has been about open spaces, the dark, the winter, disintegration, decomposition, husks, and hollows; another theme is the germination of a seed and its autumnal return to the earth after flowering and fruiting. The energy within the cycle of the seasons has its parallel within the life of the individual.

I am a London based artist, following my training I spent along period involved with young people supporting their creative expression and cultural understanding working as an art teacher. I have now returned more fully to working as an individual artist. My work is held in private collections in the UK and abroad.