Karen Singleton

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My Inspiration comes from being surrounded by nature, particularly the sea and sunsets.

Lucky enough to have always lived so close to the sea and having worked on a boat which took me to some amazing places around the world,  I  create my paintings from memories, experiences and imagination.   

On my travels I have taken hundreds of photos of the most unbelievable sunsets, not always capturing the beauty that you experience in the moment.

My paintings are created by listening to music which influences my mood and choosing the right colours is important to express my emotions. I try to capture these feelings in my paintings. I don’t know where it will take me sometimes. I just have to trust the process. 

My aim is to bring you positive feelings. To draw you in, make you pause and soak up the atmosphere of the beauty which surrounds us.

Karen Singleton was awarded an unconditional offer to Falmouth College of Arts in the late 1990’s which she left before completing her degree to start a family. She has painted several commissions and has displayed work in restaurants but has only started to pursue her career this year 2021. Since June she has works in Exhibitions:

Redhouse Museum,  Christchurch, June – July 2021

Technically Brilliant Gallery – Warrington “WISH YOU WERE HERE”  July- Oct 2021