Katie Webb

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Katie Webb

As both a fine artist and photographer I have a fascination with speed, movement and travel. My practice reflects this by capturing the abstract and creating still images from what is witnessed through my camera and my memory.

Using Acrylic to quickly create fast drying layers of colour to build up depth of “landscape” or a richness and depth of colour, I enjoy finding the abstract shapes and patterns before me to use as motifs within my work. During Lockdown speed slowed and distance shortened thus changing my practice and my recent work became focused upon the physical bodily motions used in the mundane everyday, such as writing my signature and walking around my home. These images initially reflected my mobility and mental health, but through a series of repetitive photographic manipulations these influences are a start in a creative process to create a visual environment that reflects the mixed emotions of both myself and that of my society as they go about in their daily lives in an uncertain world. The photographic manipulation I am exploring is more of a physical result combining electronic devices manually rather than using programs designed to do this.

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