Kye Wilson

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Kye is an award winning visual artist and film-maker who uses moving-image to create films, video art and installations, including multi-disciplinary, site-specific, and live artworks. His works have been performed, exhibited and screened internationally.

Kye’s work focusses on how technology can help to explore the embodiment of people and places. He uses specialised equipment and innovative film-making techniques to enable audiences to engage with these identities and bring their own self and experiences to the artworks.

Recent work includes site-specific, participatory and multi-disciplinary projects at Kartong International Cultural Festival, The Gambia; Fort Brockhurst, Gosport; Portsmouth Cathedral; APT Gallery, London; Portsmouth Historic Dockyard; Winchester Cathedral; Osek Monastery/Galerie ITC, Czech Republic; Circulo de Belles Artes, Museum of Fine Arts, Madrid.

Kye’s achievements include an MA in Fine Art with distinction (University of Portsmouth) and a variety of commissions and awards including ‘Best video art work’, Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts and ‘Best film’, Undercover Surrealism exhibition, Hayward Gallery.

In addition, for over a decade he has collaborated on integrated live performance and video installation works with performance artist Helena Eflerová. Together, they form intermedia artist collective Wilson-Eflerová. 

Wilson-Eflerová have a comprehensive track record of delivering interdisciplinary and site-specific projects that marry different art forms with diverse community engagement, empowering those of all ages and marginalised groups.

Embedded in their collective practice is the fusion of live and mediated experiences that explore themes of embodiment, the human condition and the liminal space between the ‘real’ and ‘virtual’. By interweaving live engagement with emergent technologies Wilson-Eflerová challenge preconceived notions of body and place.