Linda Davies

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I am a late comer to the art world and have just completed a Fine Art degree at Chichester University. I became interested in sculpture and linked it to my strong view about plastic waste, in particular plastic water bottles. This has been the inspiration for my work in the last four years.
The toxic materialistic aspirations of inhabitants of the developed world is symbolised by the un-biodegradable plastic waste which pollutes the world’s oceans and much of the landmass. Fish and birds eat plastic. We eat fish and therefore eat plastic. We poison ourselves and litter the world in which we live.
The human race is the greatest pollutant of our precious world.
Concern for this motivates my work which draws attention to the textures, manipulability and colours of plastic as a reminder that it is to be valued, not to be wasted and destructive to other living creatures. It is toxic and cannot be returned to the natural matter which created the oil from which it is made.