Lisa Mundy

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Lisa was born in Emsworth, bought up in the midlands and then returned to the south coast in the late 70s to study fine art at Portsmouth Polytechnic. Lisa then spent 32 years working as a local government officer primarily in social care and decided to finish working 2 years ago. Lisa had some training in analogue photography some 40 years ago but her interest was reignited around 9 years ago by embracing mobile phone technology and engaging with instagram. She continued to use her mobile phone with some advanced lens attachments until purchasing a digital camera early in 2017.

Lisa mainly takes sea, urban and landscapes and some street photography and has a likening for reflections particularly puddles. She has recently been experimenting with analogue and Polaroid cameras and apps to create more abstract images.

Other creative activities include printmaking, painting, drawing, choir and gardening.

You can see more of Lisa’s photos on Instagram @l1sam