Liz Dell

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Paper has always fascinated me.  Usually the support for artistic work, it has become my medium.  I tear and cut, fold and burn, creating an endless variety of shapes. 

Shadows cast by relief passages add mood to my work as the light moves and the shapes of the shadows change, and as the intensity of the light changes. Adding found objects to a work adds contrast and allows the outside world to enter my work. My work can be described variously as assemblage, construction, collage, and pyrograph.

Inspiration often comes from the paper itself, its weight, texture and colour; something that just happened to the paper, a form a shape that I can build on.  I find landscapes as interesting as cityscapes, in shape and mood.  Words and phrases, thoughts and feelings are inspirational too, either on their own, tending to abstract works, or adding feeling and mood to figurative works.

 Following a career in Computing, I took early retirement to study art.  I chose an HND course because of the breadth of media and content of the syllabus, graduating in 2008.  

 I work around an inspiration and hope it will be appreciated for what it is, an expression in form rather than words. 

 Liz Dell HND (Fine Art) TDip IT