Lucy Carter

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Lucy Carter is a Digital Artist and Fine Art Graduate, obtaining both a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Chichester, West Sussex. Her work consists of 2D digital prints, which are engulfed by the use of colour, spacial contradiction and perspectival shifts. Pictorial elements of both interior and exterior spaces become combined with the relation towards spaces that are otherworldly, and can be seen as non-functional. With the use of vibrant colour, form and shape, Lucy interprets spaces in a different way, a way to allow one to dream, to allow one to be immersed in a space, which is not realistically constructed.

Lucy takes photographs of various spaces and objects, which will be used within Photoshop to create a digital collage. The collages are then transformed into a hand drawn digital print, allowing for Lucy to be flexible with the use of rich and vivacious colour to enhance certain elements within her imagery.

Lucy also offers a bespoke service to her clientele, illustrating both interior and exterior elements of ones home.

For more information on bespoke services and commissions, please contact

E: IG: lucycarterart