Lynn Cox

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Lynn Cox

As a blind artist who has lost her sight slowly over 30 years, I’m interested in how much of seeing is through the eyes compared to perceptions, sensations, memories and intuition. I essentially draw lines to investigate this relationship between visual and other ways of appreciating the world. So, my creations can be drawings, complicated interwoven wire sculptures, or even audio and video journeys/stories (as those are lines too). When you don’t see with your eyes, then you do tend to select some logical order in which to appreciate the situation or environment in a linear way, so you end up creating a picture a piece at a time.   

I also have a strong believe that art should be as accessible and inclusive as possible. So most of my work can be appreciated through more than one sense, such as sight/touch, smell/sight/touch or sound/written alternative.

My wire 3D drawings and sculptures are designed to give a fluid notion of altering people’s perceptions of art by morphing when felt. There isn‘t a right or wrong way to touch the work. It doesn’t matter if curious fingers transform the artwork into an altered sculpture, as some design restraints are integrated into the production.

My ‘Double Take’ stitched line drawings have a deceptively simple playful design on one side, such as a racing car, cowboy on a horse, people playing football and even a witch and her cat on a broom. However, the reverse image is the one that engages my curiosity. Through the process of stitching the reverse becomes an abstract drawing that creates interesting shapes and patterns that can partially be controlled through design decisions but also contains some elements of chance. I call this process ‘controlled chance’.

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