Mari Lynch

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Mari is a sailor and keeps her little yacht Sarala near her art studio in the Hardway Gosport and many Solent scenes are depicted in her paintings.   Whether she is at sea or at anchor what she sees and feels on her sailing trips drives her to paint and share from the perspective the viewer feels as if you are with her.

Nocturnes show how navigation and shipping lights merge into the clusters of shore lights, night scenes are portrayed with a hint of impressionism and a pinch of abstraction .

Mari continues her perspective into her Racing Paintings, having competed in the Fastnet and many Round the Island Races.  She likes to describe how encompassing the experience is for her being part of a powerful fleet, yachts jostling for position and harnessing the elements and feeling that you are connected with all that is around you.

The sea is hypnotic, Mari’s Seascapes emulate this.  Being autobiographical by nature they reveal her minds eye, which is hidden within the seascape world she crates within a single wave.  In life glimpses of our thoughts are hidden unless we choose to reveal and if we do it may be as fleeting as a wave. 

Mari invites the viewer to explore their own self in her sea paintings and is continually surprised and delighted how many viewers will feel & see different things in each work.